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This website is mantain by Andrea Ciuffoli.

I live in Rome Italy and I am born 3 Oct 1967.

Use  or to contact me by email to get information on my projects.

Use to contact me with Windows Live Messenger to get real-time help on my projects.

Use Skype to contact me.

This website has been design for Internet Explorer 8.0 but should be visible on any other browser because it does not use Layer, Frame and Java applet.

As I am always working for a better page, it is possible to get dangling links for a few days

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Help me to create new projects making a little donation.  Even 1$ each can help me to develop new ideas.   I don't get money from these following banners but only discounts on materials.

These are the working in progress for 2015
1) DAC End 24
all the assembled modules and chassie are available
2) R2R Shunt Volume with 3 sel. sources assembled module available
3) Extreme Hi-End 100W Hybrid Amplifier End now PCB available
4) Power Follower new PCB available
5) Hi-End Push-Pull universal driver new PCB available

6) DC Protection now PCB available
7) Vintage 2 way SABA drivers in dipole configuration
8) Vintage 3 way SABA drivers in dipole configuration
9) Vintage 123A JBL and AMT drivers
 first photos

Group buy 1 (closed)  Group buy 2 (closed)  Group buy 2 (open)  Group buy 3 (open)

2015 all happy with the my online support, pcb and assembled modules: 
KT88 Hi-end push pull,  50W Amplifier End Top 845-2A3 SE300B Reference Amp, 100W Hybrid Amplifier,   Extreme Subwoofer,   Preampl. and Headphone Amp, Power Follower,   Hi-Eff loudspeakers,    Monitor 3,   Monitor 4,   Phono End