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USB DAC 1 - Hi-Resolution System         
started on December
 21 st , 2011

The high resolution PCM at 96-192KHz 24bit offer the possibility to have a good quality digital signal near to the analog.
After many time to ear the my Hi-resolution easy system created using a EMU 0404 USB modified in the output stage and power supply probably now I have found something better.
The main problem to create a DAC to play 96-192KHz 24bit tracks is find a good USB to I2S converter.
There are only few solutions in the market and the M2Tech module is a reference.
This module is available only for OEM so it is not possible for DIY use it but AckoDAC sell a kit using this.
After the USB-I2S is necessary only a DAC chip and a pair of Lundahl output transformers to complete the project.
You can use test many DAC chip in this combination and I have started with a
Wolfson WM8740 and LL1527XL.
Many people use the M2Tech hiFace with spdif output but in this case we will have 2 conversions: USB to Spdif and Spdif to I2S.


This project use the USB I2S Module-AKU-24 by AckoDAC

- HiRes 24bits/192KHz M2Tech HiFace Technology
- I2S outputs for direct connection to DAC
- Double Micro Coax output (simplifies dual mono setup)
- Header Output -On-board
- Triple low-noise regs and filters (req: 6-12V d.c power).
- Options to connect external Regs -Assembled and tested
- Built to Order: ~4wks -Unit Price: USD 188

I have used a good 50W R-Core transformer get from DIY Club at a very good price.