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100w Hi-End Hybrid Amplifier - second version
started on April  2 st , 2011 

(photo of the first release)


The original version of this amplifier have good performances but the sound was acid also after the change of cathode capacitors with ELNA Silmic II, there was Sanyo OS-CON.
At first I considered a good result because it was still a hybrid and it could not have been closer to the sound of a real tube amps but after building the prototype of the Hybrid 2011 I realized that a hybrid could overcome the sound of a good single ended like my 813/GM70 SE.
So I have started a series of test on this amplifier to get a better sound result and this new version has reached the goal.
The Hybrid 2011 is still superior in realism but now many my friends consider this amplifier better than my pure vacuum tube design.

Follows the incredible good measurements.

Frequency response 20Hz - 20KHz at 0dB and only 1.2% thd at 100W on 8ohm load with a perfect spectrum decay.

It is necessary an input of only 0.9Vrms to get 100w.