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by Andrea Ciuffoli - starting in the July 2008


I am starting with this projects to test one of the best full-range drivers.



Audio Nirvana Super 10" cast Frame buy from CommonSense Audio

The bass reflex tubes used are Intertechnik composed by these elements:
  • JETSET100MR (only 4.5cm)

buy from Audiokit webshop



The project is a ML TQWT (Mass Loaded Tapered Quarter Wavelength Tube) has been calculated using the Matcad worksheet by Martin King.

Fill some volume with Dacron Hollofil II got from La Redoute in "Cuscino alla francese" cod. 9567160 


Here are some plots generated in my room at 1m with my Clio system by Audiomatica.

Follows the measurements in my room without the filter.

Follows the measurements in my room with the filter.


After many drivers tested finally a true full-range and not only good medium and sufficient high frequency.

This is the first full-range tested with good bass as impact and as deep.

The filter show is necessary to get a good flat frequency response, with this filter only a little hole is present at 2KHz.

The peak at 55Hz is caused by my room and loudspeakers position and can be reduced with a longer bass reflex tube (5.5cm instead of 4.5).