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Saba III A loudspeakers

At the specific request of a my friend, I did various tests on various speakers made with Vintage speakers produced by Saba.

All these speakers are paper membrane and withstand very low power which makes them quite difficult to use in modern high dynamic systems.

Here we are testing and upgrading a complete and more recent speaker 1976.

In this series of speakers they have increased the dynamic range by using rubber suspension woofers and cutting the most fragile and older paper suspension driver above 300Hz.

The original crossover use a second order to cut the woofer with mid and there is not a true filter to cut the mid with tweeter.

The most important capacitors on the signal path are bi-polar electrolytics Frako-Eiko.

The first step has been develop a filter to compensate the problem of the mid driver in the range 1KHz - 2KHz

Here the new filter develop after my measurements, now these loudspeakers sound like like a modern hi-end system.