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Extreme Hi-End Audio subwoofer         
January 15  st , 2013 - working in progress ......


This project born to create an extreme subwoofer without a budget limit to add without problems to any hi-end audio systems.
In most cases you will only need one subwoofer although someone prefer a symmetrical configuration in a pure audio systems.
As we know it is difficult to locate the subwoofer then in a medium sized room if we place this subwoofer between the speakers we lose nothing of the music track.
Of course we're talking about a subwoofer to be used only in the very low frequencies range below 100 Hz  so to be inserted in systems with 5" - 6" mid-woofer.


Eminence LAB15 Professional Series

To get the best transient response the my choice is a sealed enclosure in a large box with a Qtc near to 0.5.
The DSP included in the plate amplifier will compensate the extreme low frequency band.


Wyntek electronic WAM-300 with DSP

In a domestic environment, it is quite easy to be able to reduce reflections at the medium-high range frequencies (see my project Passive Room Correction).
It is much more difficult to operate in the low frequencies range so this project uses a very special plate amplifier that integrates a DSP for digital equalization.
There are very few subwoofer amplifiers using an internal DSP and the WAM300 is probably the only one who can be connected in USB to a PC with Windows in order to change the all the parameters in real time while listening.
The DSP functions allows a perfect adjustment of the low frequency band and some setting can be changed also by a remote command.
The program works very well on Windows PC but in the CD included in the package there is also a version for MAC (still not tested).

Below I have a graph that shows the range of changes that can be achieved with the equalizer and various filters.



With the combination of these two components, Lab 15 and WAM-300, we can be sure of obtaining and dominate the bass in every type of home environment.

Here follows a near filed measurements with and without sealed box equalization.

and here the integration with my Monitor 3 loudspeakers with the bass reflex port closed (near field).



To move this large loudspekers on my room during the cleaning activity I have used the idea seen on the TNT website.
I have used a base of MDF 25mm and 3 Glisdome with a diameter of 65mm.