iNFRA4800 CD-ROM Drive

iNFRA4800 Drive

Product Features:

Product Specifications:

Creative iNFRA Suite:

System Requirements:

Your CD-ROM programs fly "with ultra-fast 32x CD-ROM technology"

Enhance the capabilities of your multimedia PC with Blaster CD iNFRA4800 Blaster CD iNFRA4800 supplies the speed and power to boost the performance of today's demanding CD-ROM applications such as games, education, reference titles, and productivity applications. Creative's iNFRA4800 CD-ROM transfers data at up to 4,800 KB/second and accesses data in 85 ms or less to take on the performance requirements of your CD-ROM programs. You'll experience quicker loading times, and video and animation sequences will play smoothly. The Creative Blaster CD iNFRA4800 drive has an internal design and features an integrated cache buffer and a motorized tray for easy handling of CD-ROMs.

infra 4800 drive

Product Features:
  • The ONLY new generation CD-ROM drive series with built-in infrared remote control receiver 
  • Full-featured wireless remote control for CD-ROM playback, web surfing, business presentation and more multimedia application control. 
  • Special mode function enhances disc-reading capability and stability 
Product Specifications:

iNFRA 4800 CD-ROM Drive

  • Maximum 4,800 KB data transfer rate* 
  • Enhanced IDE interface for increased performance 
  • Anti-vibration mechanism 
  • Less than 85ms access time 
  • Handles up to 628 MB of data (mode 1) and 778 MB of data (mode 2) 
  • Built-in infrared remote control receiver 
  • Front panel headphone jack, volume control, busy indicator, play/next track button, and close/eject button 
  • Front-loading, motorized tray design 
  • Disc formats supported: CD-Audio, Mixed Mode CD, CD-ROM, CD-ROM XA, CD-I, Photo CD, Video CD, CD Extra, and CD-R 
  • Supports DMA (direct memory access) mode for faster transfer rates and decreased CPU utilization 
  • MPC level 3 compliant 
* Maximum transfer rate is achievable under DOS mode or DMA enabled Windows enviroment

iNFRA Remote Control

  • Slim, credit card size control unit 
  • Buttons duplicate mouse functions 
  • Specially designed for Web surfing with number pad and Internet buttons for Web browsing 
Creative iNFRA Suite:
  • iNFRA Setup 
Special setup features which allows you to record your own voice into the system, adjust your preferred mouse movement steps, choose player programs for different CD media, select remote control types, set menu configuration or select your preferred drive spin down time for power saving. 
  • iNFRA Multimedia Deck 
Supports most popular media types : audio CD, mixed-mode CD, video CD, multimedia CD and CD-I. Establish customizable playlists and enjoy full control of playback functions, including eject, play, stop, pause, resume, next track, previous track, fast forward, rewind and zoom for video 
  • iNFRA Web 
iNFRA Web configures easily to work with Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0, Netscape Navigator 4.0 and Numeric navigation. Bookmark option allows users to bookmark favorite sites and access them quickly by pressing buttons pre-assigned to such sites. Creative iNFRA Remote's next/previous link buttons allow users to move easily between sites. 
System Requirements:
  • Pentium 100 or higher* 
  • PCI Enhanced IDE* connection 
  • SVGA graphics adapter (256 colours, 640x480) 
  • Microsoft Windows 95 (or Windows 3.1x and MS-DOS 6.0) or higher 
  • 5MB free hard disk space (or more for the bundled software) 
  • 8MB RAM (16MB recommended) 
  • Open half-height drive bay (drive rails may be required for some systems) 
  • 28.8 Kbps (or higher) modem or a LAN-based Internet connection, Internet access and Microsft Internet Explorer 3.0 (or higher) or Netscape Navigator 3.0 (or higher) for Web browsing 
  • 3.5", 1.44MB floppy drive 
  • Speakers or headphones 
  • Installed mouse 
* Also compatible with 486DX2-66 and ISA bus IDE interface. However maximum transfer rate below 32x-speed may be encountered due to system bandwidth limitations.