A my friend sell some parts for the Amplifier End

Dominic Rivas

2 x Toroidy Audio Grade transformers 450VA Price: 60€ /pcs (was 115€)
Primary: 230V Secondary: 2x 30V/6A, 9V/2A, 115V/0.3A
2 x Lars Lundahl LL1671/20mA Interstage transformers Price: 55€/pcs (was 110€)
4 x Nichicon KG Super Through 15000uF/50V Price: 15€/pcs (was 30€)
4 x Nichicon KG Super Through 10000uF/50V Price: 12€/pcs (was 25€)
2 x Schottky Soft Recovery Diode Rectifier Brigde for anode voltage. Price: 5€/pcs
2 x Bias Board for Amplifier End. Price: 10€/pcs
2 x Circlotron Output Stage for Amplifier End with 2SK1058 transistors (Hitachi/Renesas), Audio Note
and TKD resistors. Price: 15€/pcs