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Bartolomeo Aloia Kits
from 25 August 1999

I maintain this web page because this man has always been my guide and the knowledge gained from his many articles published on Italian magazine have given me the foundations to realize my projects in these years.  

Andrea Ciuffoli

YEPUN - Solid state Hi-end voltage amplifier

This is a solid state voltage amplifier with not common characteristics working as a pure transconductance amplifier.
Using this configuration this module have a very low distortion without global feedback.
It can be used like a line preamplifier with a 5Kohm output volume control or like voltage amplifier for current amplifier stages.

Output impedance               less than 1 ohm
Voltage  gain                        variable from 9.5x (19.5dB) to 150x (43.5dB)
Output offset                         zero (dc op-amp servo included)
Power supply range            dual 70 to 80 Volt
Frequency response           DC to 200KHz with 10x gain, DC to 60KHz with 100x gain

Available in kit or assembled and tested.

HP-REN-OS - Solid state Hi-end current amplifier

Output power                         200W on 8ohm and 350W on 4ohm with 70V                 
Power supply range              dual 50-70V for final stage and 60-80V for the driver stage
Global feedback                   zero
DC offset                               zero with op-amp servo
Frequency response            DC to 500KHz

MSCA circuit to prevent final stage switch-off.

Integrated DC loudspeakers protection and current limit protection to 450W on 2ohm.

It can be driven by
YEPUN voltage amplifier or directly by a vacuum tube stage like a SRPP.

Available in kit or assembled and tested.

VTA the Last One Tubes Amplifier by Bartolomeo Aloia

(click on images to enlarge)

It is a PP/60 watt, complex/expensive implementation the output tubes are 8 EL34 for channel
to get 60 watt and only 4 EL34 for channel in the reduced power version 30 watt called TDA-2


Output Power                   8 ohm (THD 1%)  60Watt
                                          4 ohm (THD 3%)  90Watt
                                          2 ohm (THD 3%)  70Watt
Signal to Noise               95db
Sensibility                        0.3Volt
Imput impedence            100KOhm
Frequency response      3Hz to 60KHz
Tubes                               8 EL34, 6 6922/E88CC (last version)
Size and Weigth             45 x 65 x 30cm (l x d x h) 55 Kg.
Feedback                        zero (0db)

Kit available excluding the chassie about 2700$ for the 60watt and 2000$ for the 30watt

VTAF Volks Tube Amplifier The First by Bartolomeo Aloia

(click on images to enlarge)

It is a PP/15 watt, very easy implementation but great sound the V1 and V2 are two 12AX7WP -> 12AX7
with the 2 sections paralleled and the V3 and V4 are EL34


Output Power                 8 ohm (THD 3%)  17.25Watt
                                        4 ohm (THD 3%)   20.88Watt
Sensibility                      1.7Volt
Imput impedence          100KOhm
Frequency response    2Hz to 70KHz
Feedback                      only 3db

Kit available excluding the chassie about 1000$ for the 30watt and 750$ for the 15watt

GREEN YOUNG GY-50 - Hybrid amplifier by Bartolomeo Aloia

(click on images to enlarge)

It is an hybrid amplifier with tube voltage/driver stage and transistor output stage.
There are a version integrated with a tube line pre stage.


Output Power                   8 ohm  50Watt
                                          4 ohm  75Watt
Sensibility                        1.7Volt
Imput impedence            100KOhm
Frequency response      10Hz to 30KHz
Feedback                         zero (0db)

Kit available excluding the chassie about 560$ and 620$ for the integrated version

MSB: Monotriode by Bartolomeo Aloia

(click on images to enlarge)

It is an incredible sound 30watt single ended tube amplifier with 6C33C-B or 845 output tubes
and very important and unique in the world is that you can get 30 watt with one single triode
and with the 6C33C-B without use high voltage!


Output Power                        8 ohm (THD 1%)   30Watt
Imput impedence                  100KOhm
Frequency response            10Hz to 30KHz
Feedback                              from 0db to 6db

Kit available in 3 versions from 1300$ to the top version with the 845 output tubes at 2700$

BA211 - the 211 Single Ended Power Amplifier by Bartolomeo Aloia

(click on images to enlarge)

Kit available escluding the chassie about 1500$


VTPA The Last - Vacuum Tube Preamplifier by Bartolomeo Aloia

(click on images to enlarge)

It is a no compromise tube preamplifier without capacitors on the signal and with a very complex
power supply sections: all inductive, slow turn-on, regulated and no electrolitic capacitors

The kit for the line stage escluding the chassie and controls about 1200$


VTPA The Last - Phono stage MM-MC "APPS" by Bartolomeo Aloia

This good low noise phono stage has been used in the Andrea Ciuffoli project:  Phono 3

Cost about 1000 euro for the assembled version with vacuum tubes and with the complete power supply.

Available in kit or assembled and tested.


Preampl. zero feedback by Bartolomeo Aloia - old project

rear and front photo (click on image to enlarge)

VTA 2 Amplifier by Bartolomeo Aloia from CHF (Costruire HiFi)

   It is a good 30 watt Push-Pull

VolkAmplifier by Bartolomeo Aloia from 50 watt

   40db of feedback - hi-end sound with simple circuit

Apocalypse Now - The Ultimate Loudspeaker last version

Finished cost 30000 euro for a pair.


Apocalypse Now - The Ultimate Loudspeaker first version


  •    Woofer Beyma 18G400
  •    Mid Audax PR17TX100
  •    Tw Stage Accompany SA8520

 NOTE: The Beyma is connected with a filter to reduce its efficiency and
 to extend the low frequency response.

The Bartolomeo's designs are available as finished product and kits

   Bartomeo Aloia
   Corso Savona 4
   10024 Torino
   tel. ++39 (0)11 644342